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Opportunity for Growth

We offer a variety of engaging study groups and educational events aimed at enriching your spiritual journey. Dive into discussions, workshops, and seasonal activities that inspire and connect. Check out our upcoming events and become a part of our vibrant community!

Reading Scripture with God. 

Are you curious or wondering if GOD has a message for you?

If yes, then YOU are welcome to join other folks as we read one passage from the Bible and ask ourselves what GOD might be saying to each one of us.

You can share that personal insight or you can "pass". 

ALL people are welcome.  Visitors are encouraged to come, listen and experience for yourself.

Bibles are provided.  Please bring paper and pen/pencil.

We meet in the library room on the second floor of this building, which is on the same floor as the room in which worship services are held.

A chair elevator is available near the parking lot to the second floor if needed.

Sessions are held twice per month on the second and fourth Wednesdays.

Please arrive by 10:25 AM with a start time at  10:30

Usually we are finished by 11:30 AM depending on how many people attend.

If you have questions, then please call 518-286-2910 and leave message with your name and phone number.

Someone will return your call in a couple of days.

Holy Bible and Prayer
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