Kate Leahey’s Mission Trip 

Kate Leahey of Blooming Grove Reformed Church will not be traveling to Haiti in March 2019 due to a level 4 travel threat there.  However, she will be traveling in June 2019 to the Dominican Republic with the Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) to work with the Haitian people, who are migrant workers and refugees in the Dominican Republic. CMDA is a ministry dedicated to improving the health and well-being of many people who are in great need there. Kate is a licensed nurse.  In preparation for this, her second trip to serve the people from Haiti, Kate is asking for our prayers.  She states:

June 15-23, 2019 I will be traveling with a group of Medical/Dental professionals and wonderful support volunteers dedicated to serving the poorest of the poor. I consider myself Blessed by the Good Lord with health and talents that will allow me to assist this mission. This is my second mission to serve the Haitian people and I have no doubt that the beautiful Haitian people appreciate any and every small service we render. I ask for your prayers for a successful mission filled with the Lord's blessings and mercies.   Kate


Contact Kate via email at katierosehere@gmail.com