Kate Leahey will be going to Haiti Mar 9 - 16, 2019, SR1402 - Global Health Outreach

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2019 Newsletter Schedule

 Newsletter                                                  Articles due date                           Distribution date

Winter/Spring                                                 14 Feb. 2019                                       24 Feb. 2019

Spring/Summer                                              30 Apr. 2019                                       12 May 2019

Summer/Fall                                                  30 Jul. 2019                                         11 Aug. 2019

Fall/Winter                                                     29 Oct. 2019                                       10 Nov.2019


From the Vice President of Consistory:

We are starting 2018 with five new officers elected to Consistory. They are Elders Greg Migirditch, Pam Hayden and Lisa Schroeder and Deacons Nancy Irwin, Kathryn Dell-Kolakowski. Going off Consistory are Judy Massey, Elder and Ann Marie Merrifield, Deacon. We thank them for their service over these last four years.

Our Church Profile has been completed thanks to the dedication of co-chairs Sharon Johnson and Kathryn Dell-Kolakowski as well as Greg Migirditch, Nancy Irwin, clerk, Ruth Gagnon, Judy Massey, Barbara Bower, Pam Hayden and Ann Marie Merrifield. Because of their diligence and perseverance, our Search Packet has been sent out to the RCA.

Many thanks go to our Supervisors Pastor Dawn Alpaugh and Nancy Landrigan for their continued guidance and support over these last ten months during this time of transition in our church.

We give thanks, and praise God for all his blessings each and every day, and ask for your prayers as we continue to move forward.


Welcome to the Blooming Grove Website!

                  As we take this step into the 21st century, we have many people to thank for walking along side us, supporting us and teaching us.

                  First and foremost, we thank the Albany Classis Ministry Care Committee for their grant of financial support; to Jeff Goff of Front Porch Tech for working with us, teaching us and creating this website; to the committee who volunteered to get this up and running, especially to Sandy Devan who is now our website Administrator; and our treasurer, Sue Hoffay, who works tirelessly with us.

                  Most importantly, we remember that none of this would ever be possible without the talents and abilities bestowed upon each of us by God who makes all things possible in our lives. For this we give thanks for the privilege of bringing God’s word to our corner of the universe.