In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Joys:   Angels in our Midst: God is at work in the world! 

Joys: Angels in our Midst: God is at work in the world! 

Glenn Holzhauer is cancer free


Bereavement—Prayers for family and friends of all the following individuals: 

Sherrie Bogden Gepfert , John Tobin, Marilyn Hurd, Irene Jones, 

Corrine Coe,Ray Swart, Ralph Sommers, Mary Lou Giannattasio, Walter Wehnau, 

Robert D. Sternfeld, Rheal Gagnon, Brian Edmond, John Matthews, Peggy Spiak, Patsy Tirino, Bill Baldwin, Catherina Miller, James Fox. 

In Hospice— 

In Hospital— 

In Rehab— Roger Kliger, Ada Stehr,. 

In Nursing Facility— Eleanor Fasoldt, Karen Sotherland, Phil Spiak, Ruth Stillwell. 

Ill or Recuperating at Home— 

Clark Baker, Joe Bielawa, E. Dallas Crooks,V, Jutta Forkel, Gilles Gagnon, Katherine Gallagher, Mary Ann Henry, Tom Hotalen, Claris “Bud” Hyett, Barbara Isaac, 

Hank Kemna, Tricia Martinez., Dick Metzger, Taylor Marmo Natale, Geoff Pinkerton, 

Mark Rochester, Robert Serbent, Ginnie Shiebly, Kirsten Shoemaker, Robert Serbent, Phil Spiak Sr., Linda Sternfeld, Josh Thomas, Charles Van Brocklen, Windy, Linda, Josh Woodward., Tammy, Theresa, Meghan, Karena. 

Also pray for— 

The men and women of the Rainbow Division NY National Guard Unit, and other women and men on active military duty.