In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Joys:   Angels in our Midst: God is at work in the world! 

                  Becky Nolan is cancer free.


Bereavement—Prayers for family and friends of all the following individuals:

David Briggs, Sherrie Bogden Gepfert , John Tobin, Marilyn Hurd, Irene Jones, Corrine Coe, Dallas Lemcool, Ray Swart, Ralph Sommers.

In Hospice

In Hospital—Josh Woodward.

In Rehab

In Nursing Facility— Eleanor Fasoldt, Karen Sotherland, Phil Spiak, Ruth Stillwell. 


Ill or Recuperating at Home—Joe Bielawa, JoAnn Bonafede, Pastor Paige Convis, E. Dallas Crooks,V,  James Fox, Jutta Forkel, Fred Hoffay, Mike Hoffay, Claris “Bud” Hyett, Barbara Isaac, Rev. David Jones, June Metzger, Taylor Marmo Natale, Geoff Pinkerton, Ginnie Shiebly, Ada Stehr, Linda Sternfeld, Robert Sternfeld, Rebecca Syltebo, Charles Van Brocklen, Wim Westan, Mia Westan. 

Also pray for

The men and women of the Rainbow Division NY National GuardUnit, and other women and men on active military duty.


—Those who are displaced, poor, afflicted, sick, dying, prisoners, lonely, unemployed, furloughed. 

—victims of accidents, disasters, disease, earthquakes, fires, floods, tsunamis, tornados, violence, war, injustice and inhumanity.

—First responders, doctors, nurses, medical technicians and assistants.

—Peace and political stability in all the nations of the world.

—People of Haiti, Puerto Rico and other nations of the Caribbean.

—Christians in mission throughout the world, especially Kate Leahey.

—Persecuted Christians throughout the world.

—Students of educational institutions:  Pre-K through University.

—God’s Creation including all creatures.  

*Please make any requests for changes or additionsto the above list of people needing loving thoughts and prayers by putting your written requestin the offering plate or contacting our church office (518-286-2910). We have provided a double-sided Prayer Request Cardin the pew rack for your written requests. We encourage you to use these cards to supply accurate spelling of names for the prayer list and prayer chain. Thank you.