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Meet the Spiritual Team

The leadership team at The Blooming Grove Reformed Church consists of ordained clergy and believers with the confidence to guide our community in faith, answer questions, conduct services and organize church events.

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The Revered Paige A. Convis

Senior Minister

Pastor Paige is dedicated to being a compassionate and open voice in our community. She is always ready for an open conversation, especially when opposing views are involved. She aims to create a space where all are welcome—just the way they are. Originally from Michigan, Pastor Paige considers herself a New Yorker now (though her opinions on pizza leave much to be desired). She received her undergraduate education, (B.A) from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois, and her Masters in Divinity from Western Theological Seminary in Holland, Michigan. She and her family, Justan and Vetta Foster,  live in Rensselaer with their three dogs and cat. Pastor Paige enjoys most types of music and theatre and can often be found in her craft room creating the next Cricut masterpiece!    




Pam Evans-Hayden*

Melissa Gilligan

Judy Massey

Greg Migirditch
Jeffrey Irwin

Kathleen Leahey

*Elder, Vice President

The consistory provides for the welfare of the church,
stewardship of property and finance, and
the spiritual benefit and growth of all Christ’s people


As the three offices of deacon, elder, and minister of Word and sacrament,
are united in Christ, so also in the church one office is not separate from the others.

The minister of Word and sacrament does not serve without
the elder and neither without the deacon.

Everything in the church will be done decently and in order
when faithful persons are called to office, and responsibly fulfil their charge.

Vince Bonafede

Organist and Choir Director 

Rodney Schroeder


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